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It should be noted that member dues of anything other than 6 dollars for 6 months is in violation of the RoP.

According to the rulebook: "In addition to these requirements, players may opt to become ‘dues paid.’ Dues paid members have no advantage over other members except that they may vote in the bi-monthly Althing meetings, which are used to make decisions for the group that are beyond the scope of the monarch alone, such as changing the corpora. Dues paid members are also the only ones who may vote in elections. Dues are six dollars every six months and all dues collected are used to pay for rulebooks, newsletters, loaner gear, and other group expenses. Kingdom corporas may add additional requirements for being a voting or active member of the populace."

Technically speaking, this means that the current Dragonspine dues are in violation. The RoP supersedes the DS corpora.