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Well I was at all these events, and can testify to a few things. I started in barad-duin in june of 1988, and was there for alot of it.

1) Barad-duin was in deed considered a kingdom by burning lands. We decided in an allthing to keep the grand duchy title, but that was just to be different. We were a kingdom. 2) At the allthing for the split, there wasn't much of a dissent. Having spent so much time in the other kingdoms, and been well received due to my music, I got up when they asked if anybody wanted to speak against the split. I did, though as I expected, it really did no good. Even before EH showed up, that weekend, they wanted to go. That just gave them the excuse. 3) The tensions had been pretty high, in fact at the previous EH coronation they had a meeting on the subject, too which I was summoned, by the BD crown. Then of course EH showed up for a raid, and was pretty bad.