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Pyp of Valley by the Coast formerly Taia of the Phoenix Tears, Western Gate, Rising Winds

"Hey! U-U-uhhh U..... Kaio's Girlfriend!" - Everyone at the campsite. "U-U-...hey Kalamazoo!" - Again everyone at the campsite.


Was introduced to Amtgard by her then boyfriend Kaio. They have since become married and are now hoping to travel the Amt-world together. Recently changed her name to Pyppi Shortstockings (Pyp for short), because no one could pronounce either of her previous names, though we shall not speak of the past.

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Notable Accomplishments

Pyp's picked up a couple awards here and there, a Rose, Dragon and Cyclone. Her records are lost, however, due to name changes. She looks forward to proving herself again. She is Regent of Valley by the Coast.

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