Starlight Duskwalker

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Man-At-Arms Starlight Ala Tree Duskwalker, of Twilight Moon, Neverwinter


My name is Starlight Ala Tree Duskwalker. If you haven't heard of me you soon will. One part of me is Ala known as the Demoness of Storms. I will strike you down where you stand unless you show me respect. I have few friends, but those that I do have I protect fearlessly. Ala loves to fight and cause chaos among those she deems enemies. The more trouble the better. Her main objective is to be the best fighter she can be by learning as many tactics as possible. Now let's introduce the other half of me, Starlight. While Ala loves to fight Starlight loves to craft. Starlight like Ala is fiercely loyal, and fearlessly protective, but she's known more for her love of the arts and helping others she deems worthy. She can be cold-hearted when you mess with her family, friends, or herself. She doesn't play nice easily, but is always curious about learning new things. Both striving toward knighthood.

Belted Line

I started out as a page under Sir Tree's now Squire Regan Eltreeablo.

I was taken as a MaA directly under Sekaon Tree

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