Split Ply Weaving

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A Rug made with split ply weaving

Ply-splitting is a generic term that includes ply-split braiding and the much more common ply-split darning. The difference: in ply-split braiding, there is one set of elements (cords), and each cord moves at an angle to the selvedge; in ply-split darning, there are two sets of elements, with cords at right angles (comparable to warp and weft in weaving).

Ply-splitting can be flat, but it can also zig-zag and spiral, and in fact can take just about any three-dimensional shape. A vast number of geometric and pictorial designs are also possible. This is exciting and mostly unexplored territory. There are designs for making, instructions for ornaments, necklaces, bags, baskets.


Split ply woven basket