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Sephis, of Terra De Votum, Desert Winds

”I'll give you life, then I shall give you liberty...wait...I'm not being paid? I'll be at the pub.”

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Sephis began fighting in 2010 in Eau Claire, WI at the Ice Haven park as the Healer character Sephis De Leon. After some time there, he visited River's End for a time and ended up in Falling Fire for a bit. After wandering the Kingdoms, he finally came to rest in Terra De Votum and has been there for the last year, leveling his Healer, Sephis De Leon, to 6 and his Monk, Sephis An Xhao to 3.

Affiliated Groups

House of the Gaming Dragon

Belted Family

Not yet belted

Notable Accomplishments

Creator and Founder of the House of the Gaming Dragon in 2016

Order of the Garber: 1

Order of the Rose: 1

Order of the Owl: 1

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