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MaA Lordzilla Salina (Big Sal) Vennour, of Centerpoint, Rivermoor


Big Sal has been playing Amtgard since March/2014. She is here for the fighting, though has an interest in making and running battlegames/tournaments. Known for quick witted one-liners and powerful (but smol) forearms. Aspire's to be a true 80's action hero by the age of 30.

Affiliated Groups

  • Rivernoir Household member

Belted Family

  • Man-at-Arms to Bjorn Fellhand

Notable Accomplishments

  • Sir Worrak's 2nd favorite Canadian
  • Rogue in Training sponsored by J-Dawg (Ormar left me)
  • Ivory Tower Prime Minister for the reign starting July/31/2016
  • Rivermoor Champion Pro-Tem reign 4, Champion reign 5.
  • Sucking slightly less and winning somewhat more

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More Information

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  • Personal Website
  • Company Website