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Repo in court garb.
Chapter Thor's Refuge
Kingdom Westmarch
Started 2013

”I step into the shadows!”

"I know it's around here, somewhere. I'm just not sure where."

Repo Inus Volant, of Thor's Refuge in Westmarch


Repo Inus Volant is a relatively new member who joined in June, 2013. She usually goes as Repo, since long names are hard to remember. She enjoys using the short sword and short bow. She predominantly plays as an Assassin. Inspite of whatever confusion might have been generated, there is only one Repo Inus Volant in Thor's Refuge. She is short, has red hair, and hides in her personal space bubble.

Her persona's history is as follows:

Repo was born as one of the Amazons of Greek legend, her birth name Kallisté, meaning "most beautiful." The name, an epithet of the goddess Artemis, was given to her by her mother, who hoped to gain favor from Artemis and protection for her daughter, Repo.

As Kallisté grew older, she never understood her mother's worship of Artemis, who stood for agriculture, hunting, and animals. Kallisté believed more strongly in what Athena stood for: war, intellect, and cities. Kallisté became a proud Amazonian warrior and the head of the royal guard to Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons.

Hippolyta had a magic girdle, given to her by her father, Ares, which signified her queen status among the Amazons. As Heracles' (Hercules') ninth labor, he was sent to obtain the girdle. No one quite knew what happened, by Hippolyta was killed by Heracles. Many of the Amazons blamed Kallisté for the death of Hippolyta, since she was supposed to be the chief defender of the queen. Many even accused her of being in cahoots with Heracles in a devious plot to kill the queen of the Amazons.

Kallisté fled from the Amazons to save her life. The goddess Artemis had pity on Kallisté and remembered the diligent worship of Kallisté's mother, and so she sent wild cats to help Kallisté sneak away in the dark of night. The Amazons soon began tracking Kallisté, and quickly began to catch up to her. Artemis, again seeing the plight of Kallisté, sent hawks and falcons to carry her away from the angry Amazons.

After Kallisté had successfully escaped the Amazons, she was greeted by a new set of challenges. Having always regarded hunting to be below her station, Kallisté knew next to nothing about tracking or killing animals to survive. She began to starve in a forest. While Kallisté lay on the ground, dying of hunger, Artemis donned a mortal form to hunt for Kallisté. When Kallisté had recovered, Artemis showed her how to use a bow, how to sneak and hide in shadows while tracking an animal, and how to kill an animal.

When the goddess Artemis left Kallisté, Kallisté began to feel unworthy to carry the epithet of the goddess. Kallisté decided instead to take the name Repo, to remind her how Artemis had sent the cats to help her sneak away, the name Volant, to remember how the falcons and birds had flown her to safety, and Inus, to remind her self that she was only a girl, young in the teachings that Artemis had given her.

And so Repo Inus Volant vowed that she would not use her given name, Kallisté until she was worthy of it.

Repo practiced and became fond of sneaking and creeping, and found that humans were not unlike animals when it came to killing. She was hired to kill people quietly. So Repo Inus Volant found herself as an Assassin, using the talents of fighting that she had always held in esteem, and using her new found talents given to her by the goddess Artemis.

Repo continues to hold Athena as her patron goddess, but she also holds Artemis to be an important goddess. Repo Inus Volant is literally Latin for "sneaking/creeping girl flight/flying."

Affiliated Groups

Repo runs a flaky household in her homeland of Colfax, called Stella Mirabilis, after the comet of 1066.

Notable Accomplishments

Repo has earned a level 1 Order of the Garber, a level 2 Order of the Owl, and a level 1 Order of the Dragon. She's slowly becoming a not-a-noob.

Additional Images

ScreenShot2013-09-05at94341AM_zpsedc295a0.png Repo Sniping someone from a distance. She's just like that camper you hate in Halo.

ScreenShot2013-09-05at94331AM_zps1a80c5eb.png Repo staring off into space, ignoring everything else around her. She's probably thinking about how to kill someone quietly.

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