Relic Quest

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N. A Quest in which the winner is awarded a Relic. Typically occurs once per reign.

What sort of Quest?

This like any other quest can have any theme or story line that your wily imagination can spawn. Examples of past quests include reenactments of the grail myth, the crusades, the 'Labyrinth', princess bride, and so forth. No line has been left uncrossed. Have fun with it. Make it something to remember.

Which Relics do you mean?

Certain items of power are used in the battlegames and are passed on to new owners every six months via a Quest. The effects and abilities of Relics are considered to be non-magical in nature; hits from Relics are considered magical.

Relics include:

Each Amtgard group may use its own Relics, though these are not to be used in regional or national battlegames.

How do I get my booty?

The format of these quests and how a player "wins" varies greatly from Kingdom to Kingdom and Reign to Reign. But there are two basic ways to do it.

The Popularity Method: A relic is given to the best quester, the best monster, the best reeve and so on. The winners are usually voted by the opposing sets of players. NPCs Vote on PCs and so on. It does force people to role play and behave well in Quests but the relics will typically go to the most affable player rather than the one that preformed the best.

The Skill Method: A relic is award to whom ever has it at the end of the quest. This method often ends with most of the relics going home to one park or Fighting Company and can often lead to some nasty behavior on the part of the questers especially if teams are allowed to kill other teams.

You can also mix this up, awarding some for skill and some for vote.