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The Online Record Keeper V3, commonly referred to as the ORK3 or ORK, is the central record keeping online database for Amtgard. Accessed via, it helps keep track of players; their credits and awards; parks and where they play; and a myriad of other details. It is maintained by each park's officers - typically the Prime Minister - and is the universally accepted tracking tool for the game.

This online tool has become the be all end all source for records on our players. It makes a Prime Minister's job much easier by tracking credits, Dues, Awards and a myriad of other information. It also generates a number of reports that are useful to chapter Prime Ministers and Monarchs.

Direct Link
ORK3 Website

The Online Record Keeper software & website.

Development by Megiddo (ORK Service & Basic UI)and Talen (Data import from ORK2),

Testing & QA: TORig Headbasher


This new ORK is based around the concept of users with privileges. Every player listed in the system is also a system user with more or less privileges to do work (segregated at persona, Park, and Kingdom levels). Events, calendar dates, tournaments, companies and a few other items are now first-class or tier-1 items which the system understands and can work with.

The system is currently undocumented and is in an "in development" stage of stability and functionality. The primary components that remain unimplemented are the Treasury, Data Import/Export, Map, Calendar, and Tournament systems.

If you are interested in specific functionality or access, please contact Torig or me for access to the Bugzilla. We will try not to use e-sam or facebook as a bug reporting tool in the long-term.

Also, please keep in mind that the ORK3 is designed as an open service, so if you have a really great idea and know a programmer, you do not need our permission to extend this version of the ORK (see the TROLL as a primary example of the types of tools we are working to promote). We reserve the right to steal good ideas.

A Prime Minister's Guide

(Recommended that you watch the instructional video link at the bottom of this page first.)

Logging In

  1. Start Here and Log in (upper right hand corner.)

Adding credits

  1. Go to your park page. You can use the park search in the upper right hand corner.
  2. On the left side of the page you should see
    • Enter Attendance <----- Click This one.
    • Enter Awards
    • Search Players
    • Park Heraldry, Players
    • Companies and Households
    • Treasury
    • Park Map
  1. Enter the information in the box now on the left, make sure all information is correct before saving.
  2. Repeat as necessary.

Transferring Players

Only the Prime Minister of the chapter that they are transferring too can move a player's records.

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the 'Player List' option from the side bar on the right.
  3. The player listing will appear below the center bar on the main portion of the page.
  4. Chose the player you wish to transfer.
  5. Chose the 'Player Info' button on the top right.
  6. On the bottom Right above the center bar you'll see a drop down menu with the park they play in now listed as 'Current Chapter'.
  7. Chose the chapter that you wist to transfer them too from the list.
  8. choose the 'Apply Changes' option.

Frequently Asked

Many answers to your questions can be found here:
Training Videos on the ORK Channel

Q: What is this new ORK?

A: A freshly built online record keeper for Amtgard, located at

Q: Is there a current list of issues or a bug tracker?

A: There is a list of known issues ... RSHc#gid=0 HERE An issue tracker and public bug submission system is being setup.

Q: Why can't I login or register?

A: If you had an e-mail attached to your record in the old ORK, you can retrieve a temporary password by entering your username (located on your player record) and e-mail address into the lost password form. If you have no e-mail entered or no longer have access to that e-mail, you will have to ask your Prime Minister or local Chancellor for access.

Q: The menu at the top doesn't fit on my device, how can I login with my phone/tablet/toaster/etc?

A: If you can't uncover the login button by changing orientation or zooming out, you can access the login page directly at Login Hopefully we'll see some volunteers setting up some phone friendly applications in the future.

Q: I recovered my login from the old system, but why can't I update my park's records?

A: You need to be added as a chancellor by your Kingdom's Prime Minister. If you are chancellor of a freehold you will need to contact an admin instead. The basic account you recovered only has access to player level functions.

Q: Where is the sign-in report with full class credits listed that used to be available with the old ORK?

A: It needs to be built to work with the new system. If you are a developer, information on how to access the ORK3's data is located HERE

Q: How do I access the data for my own applications?

A: It's not pretty. It's basically a data service that keeps track of credits, funds, tournaments, event days, awards, and other things. The good news here is that if you have the know-how, a lot of that data can be accessed and displayed however you want it. For example you could make a player facing site that resembled the old ORK, but with current data. You could also embed player records for your park on your chapter's website. The documentation on creating such things is HERE

Q: I am logged in, why can't I update my company/household from the old ORK?

A: You need to have your kingdom's Prime Minister add you as a manager for the group before you can edit it. If you are a member of a Freehold, you will need the help of an admin instead.

Q: Why have my credit totals changed?

A: The new system enforces the rulebook limit of one credit per day. Some previous bad entries such as all of an events credits on a single day or bulk entries when being initially added to the old ORK caused some issues. Your PM/Chancellor will be able to reconcile these numbers and there may be a script to do it automagically in the future. At some point the ability to reconcile credit totals will be removed.

Q: What about the book of the dead?

A: It will be added later.

Q: I have a question that isn't covered here, who do i ask?

A: Send an email to Tyedye ([email protected]) or go the forum at the E-Samurai (

Technical Crap The ORK3 is architected primarily as an SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), comprised of about 20 services. It is MySQL/PHP based. Most of the services are XML SOAP via nusoap. Search services and a few others are RESTful JSON services.

The ORK3 UI is an MVC/template application written in PHP which sits on top of the ORK3 SOA. Template syntax is via ob_start() (that is, PHP), and the UI relies heavily on jQuery. The ORK3 SOA API is strictly enforced in the UI implementation, meaning that it can be transplanted to other servers and modified, while sharing the primary ORK3 service dataset and functionality. The UI is nominally ready-to-move, so a simple SVN checkout & config process should get you a local UI copy working against the canonical ORK3 SOA. The ORK3 Authorization service can be used as a poor-mans SSO for various Amtgard tools.

How do I request a new feature?

Go the forum at the E-Samurai (

The ORK source is now hosted on Google Projects.

[View Information Here]

It includes a sample config file, sql setup file, and a small PHP installer that should set up most of what you need to get started hacking.

On that note, I am actively seeking contributors to this project. If you are interested, please drop me or MHoG a line. I would prefer for this to NOT be a solo project, since it means your features and bugs get fixed faster, and there's less risk to the project if I can't contribute anymore.

If you know an HTML/CSS/Javascript or PHP/MySQL developer, please ask them if they'd be interested in contributing.

My next step is to finalize and verify the federation capabilities via the new JSON API interface. That will take a few weeks. After that, I will be able to return to our regularly scheduled bug & feature list.

ORK3 Admin Reports: [Notes]

Developer Documentation

We are currently in the process of moving all of the developer documentation to Amtwiki.

Program's using the ORK

Digital sign ins - and Reskin to appear visually similar to the ORK 2 - by Randall

History of the Online Records Keeper:

The Original ORK was created in 1999 by Rewth, originally for just the Northern Holdfast. It was soon made available for the whole Empire of the Iron Mountains, and then for all of Amtgard in 2002. All kingdoms now use the ORK including the Wetlands, the longest holdout.

The original OR was then expanded to encompass the following projects:

On Aug 19, 2013, The Online Records Keeper version 3 (ORK3) came online as a replacement for the original Ork filling the need to expand with the changes in Amtgard as a whole. The Circle of Monarch's issued the creation of a new version of the ork that would allow better tracking of statistics at each park as well as allow a better flexibility of changes with the upcoming rules revision of V8. And thanks to the tireless effort of Megiddo and his team the vision of the ORK will carry Amtgard on in the years to come.