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Page Razieth C. Strife, The Iron Gut, of Wolvenfang, Nine Blades, Goldenvale

”The journey continues until I stand no longer.”



Began his epic journey in the back of Aaron Boutet's back yard with Blake Frank, Aaron Boutet and Jordan sass. The first weapons ever created by his hands where old school PvC and ducktape short swords. Arriving at Wolven fang's field in 2003, RAZ signed in as the persona "ChaosRAZ" at the time He was resident of a distant land and only came by when he could. after a few years and making his way to Wolvenfang permanently, he began to sign in as RAZ however because of confusion and the like, all credits before 2007 were lost. On a speacial Frostbite event RAZ consumed a unhealthy amount of very spicy chilli, this was acknowledged by the King of Goldenvale at the time and for that was given the non noble title of "The Iron Gut".

RAZ has always been around the fields of battle but until recently he has remained a faceless ghost in the field. After working with the Odious Pariah for many years the King of Iraq handed RAZ a headband and since then he has proudly marched into the battle with headband swimming threw the air. Now he looks for praise and fame, glory and honor! following true to his intentions RAZ recently became the champion of the touch of death challenge and was paged under the countess Soren the sword bearer.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Non-noble title "The Iron gut"
  • 2014 champion of "touch of death" challenge

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