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  • Pewter is a tin based alloy, though many various metal ratios exist. The tin is alloyed with copper, antimony, nickel, or lead. Pewter is a popular casting metal because of it's low melting tempature at about 450 degrees fahrenheit meaning it can be melted on a kitchen stove. Pewter that contains lead should not be used for feast gear or other items that have frequent human contact.
  • Pewter was commonly used for table ware before china replaced it for the most part in the west. Pewter is very soft and in addition to being eaisly castible can be turned on a lathe to form hollow ware. Things that can be made from pewter include buttons, plates, cups, vases, broaches, coins, strap terminals, candle sticks, silverware, figurines, pendants, teapots, bowls, decorative items, etc...


Some lead free solder is technically pewter, be sure to check the alloy content is it's labeled.