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Persephone, of Centerpoint, Rivermoor



On a sunny Sunday in March of 2016, she wandered into the Barony after helping a group of children herd abandoned kittens on the other side of the lake. She quietly haunted the place for weeks before opening up, and has since made the people taste a plant that tastes like pickles. She has assimilated and made them her friends.

Persephone is more of a lover, so it's not unusual to find her chatting, writing, making flower crowns and tiny wands, straying from the pack to check out what sights the forest has to offer, or picking up trash- all likely while daydreaming.

She does not get along well with frost and snow, and will no doubt be hiding indoors the majority of the time when winter comes. Hiding, but not unreachable. Only whisper the word "s'mores" and she will be there.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

Shouts at Ikea on almost every journey to Centerpoint. Ikea is exciting.

More Information

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