Pegasus Valley

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Amtgard Chapter
Pegasus Valley
The Kingdom of Dragonspine
Status Duchy
City Albuquerque, New Mexico
Park Taylor Park
Meets on Saturday
Founded 1993
Active Yes

Duchy of Pegasus Valley

A Duchy of Dragonspine, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Pegasus Valley is Dragonspine's oldest chapter. Founded as a Barony in 1993 and achieving Duchy status in late 1995, Pegasus Valley has seen a lot of ups and downs. In 1996 it was believed that Pegasus Valley would be one of the next kingdoms of Amtgard. The group also hosted Harvest of Souls War for 16 years, an annual camping event that started after the Iron Mountains invaded in 1995.

Prior to Dragonspine beginning a transition to a floating crown, Pegasus Valley, Stormfall Mesa, and Wyrm Spire collectively met once a month at a rotating park to foster more play between groups and as a foundation for creating a new principality in Northern New Mexico.

PV Record Archive including newsletters and other records.

Reign History of Pegasus Valley on Google Drive.



  • Monarch: Chekers
  • Regent: Skeevy J the White Stag of Thorn Mountain
  • Prime Minister: Comfort Hearthfire
  • Champion: Ichthea
  • Guildmaster of Reeves: Pisces
  • Heir Apparent: Vacant
  • Archer Guildmaster: Vacant
  • Assassin Guildmaster: Vacant
  • Barbarian Guildmaster: Vacant
  • Bard Guildmaster: Vacant
  • Druid Guildmaster: That one tree by the bench
  • Healer Guildmaster: Vacant
  • Monk Guildmaster: Vacant
  • Monster Guildmaster: Vacant
  • Scout Guildmaster: Vacant
  • Warrior Guildmaster: Vacant
  • Wizard Guildmaster: Vacant

Contacts and Directions

Pegasus Valley meets every Saturday at Taylor Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico starting at 12:00pm, with announcements and battlegames starting around 1pm. It's at the corner of Indian School and Pennsylvania, near Winrock Mall.

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