Orlagh Sinikta

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Orlagh Sinikta, The Forkless


Orlagh Sinikta first witnessed the wonders of Amtgard in the summer of 2015, though the call to arms did not resonate within her bones at that time.

Many years later, in the Fall of 2019, she attended a gathering of fellow adventurers that highlighted all aspects of the world, including Amtgardia. More specifically she mingled with members of the Barony of Ominous Valley within the Kingdom of Viridian Outlands. She met strong warriors and fair maidens, crafter and fighters combined. She then realized then that this Kingdom was to be her home.

She began to create immediately, within her first month in the Valley she had made herself a full set of fighting garb. Shortly after a cloak and court dress emerged from her sewing room. Though at first, the fighting seemed overwhelming, with assistance from her fellow members of the Valley, she started to fight (and usually lose) against and alongside the strongest defenders.

Not even a year into her time, a massive plague swept over the world. Her chance to prove herself was stopped. With sickness spreading from person to person there was no chance to see her peers. Though a strange new world emerged, a digital world, with digital monsters, and even more opportunities to connect with members of Amtgard. Not only her local stronghold but the entirety of Amtgardia! She attend many classes hosted by members from far away and had a chance to see what the rest of the world was like.

During a rest in plague restrictions in 2020, Orlagh had a chance to attend Circles of Fate in the Dutchy of Western Winds. She met adventurers from all over, sang, drank, fought, and flirted. Here she realized that she was never going back to the mundane day-to-day, she was going to prove herself to this Kingdom, and to the world of Amtgardia. It was at this event that Orlagh received her first title, "the Forkless", not for any great fighting achievements, or to do with her amazing garbing skill. No, she received this title as she is extremely clumsy and continuously drops her eating utensils.

As the plauge began to clear and members once again met in person, Orlagh took it upon herself to work for the betterment of Ominous Valley and took up the position of Regent. During her time she pulled in record numbers for the Local Dragonmaster, hosted sewing classes, and promoted everyone to do their absolute best.

What adventures will Orlagh Sinikta face? Will she reach her goals of Masterhood? Only time will tell...

Notable Achievements

Best Garber - Kingdom Dragonmaster Summer 2021 (CoF)

Best in Show (White Linen Pirate Shirt) - Kingdom Dragonmaster Summer 2021 (CoF)

Constellation Prize (Judges Favorite) - Nordic Nomad Snowflake Hood - Kingdom Dragonmaster KStars 2022

Positions Held

Regent of the Barony of Ominous Valley (December 2021 - June 2022)

Regent of the Barony of Ominous Valley (June 2022 - December 2022)

Affiliated Groups

Daughters of Artemis

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