Mystic Mountains Arkansas

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A Defunct shire in the confederacy of Dreadmoorunder the Emerald Hills, once located in Mena, AR.


Formerly a chapter in the Confederacy of Tal Dagore, and once a park of Emerald Hills. It's members had spread to the four winds to seek glory and riches. Meeting from time to time in back yards and empty lots, the "Dream" lived on.

09/11/2010 - 12/11/2010
The Mystic Mountains re-established under Sheriff Evain Three months of Zelda Quests!
12-11-2010 - 06/11/2010
Coronation of Sheriff Dopplin I heard rumors of pirates...

Before 2012, when Mystic Mountain's contract with the emerald hills was revoked due to inactivity, the group met at Jansen Park. Activity on their Facebook page that suggests that they are trying to start again.

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Old Records Empire

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This Page is about the Chapter of Mystic Mountains in Arkansas, if you are looking for the Mystic Mountains chapter in California, please see this page.