Mystic Hills

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A Defunct chapter of Winter's Edge, located in Asheville, NC.


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We began fighting in February of 2002 and were officially formed in Sept. of the same year.

We like-LOVE to fight, so if you are any good, come play with us...someone will learn something...

Last known to be active as of August 3, 2009.


Quick listing (Not everyone is necessarily active)

Bruce (Max)

Rufio (Michael)

Roots (Paul)

Ponch (Alex)

Grass Stain (Chris)

Stale Cracker (Eldridge)


Contacts and Directions

(NOTE:This Chapter is Defunct and Inactive)

Mystic Hills fought every Sunday, rain, snow, sleet, hail, tropical storm, or knee deep water, we fight every Saturday. We fought from ONE until four at River Walk Park Annex in Asheville .

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