Murky Hollow

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a former chapter of Goldenvale, located in Havelock, North Carolina.


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Formed sometime around 1999-2000. The members met at the Havelock City Park and enjoyed many great times. There was quests, battlegames and many many ditch battles to keep everyone interested. The unfortunate side was the Park was mundanely located next to a military base and many of the younger members found themselves joining the military which always kept the park numbers low until they were unable to keep up with contributing members and they park was declared Defunct. The memories still remain and there were many good times to be held and who knows; there may even be a gathering of the old park members for one finaly HUZAH.


Former Champion Hawk Loneman 2001

Contacts and Directions

  • Hawk
  • Rikard
  • Website last updated August 3rd, 2002 2:08 PM The rules listed in this website are currently outdated and have been updated as of 2011. I will not be making any changes so to preserve the history that all of us played under during this time.
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