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Mezostophrileas, of Dark Shores, Iron Mountains

"The best way to detox; is to retox." Last said January 7th before passing out. "Life is a game, play it." "Your mom!" DSC09824.jpg


Mezostophrileas began playing in the shire of Dark Shores in summer 2007, became regularly active during the spring of 2008. He was the initial member of his friend Gabriel's newly formed fighter company, but due his intense desire to be in command of a group, he decided to leave the group to lead his own. It has since become legend in Dark Shores, as this company has had more names than all the previous companies in the area, combined. It is now known as The Morgan. He has also started a household known as the Morag Tang.

He was once known as Gladius the Drunken Gladiator he lived up to his name. His drunken exploits include slaying the white dragon (white mini-van) of Wedgewood Forest and chopping down its iron wood tree (the tree choped him down).

Affiliated Groups

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