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Malisa Wolf, of Obsidian Grove, Blackspire



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Page Gwynna Dewdrop 1999-2002

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Persona: Malisa Wolf Adult Name: Malisa Surname: Wolf Childname: Graywolf Race: Half-Elf

History: Having only recently returned to civilization, Malisa has found her self once again enjoying the community at large. Her story begins in the Great Kingdom of Dragonspine. A less than auspicious start as a young street thief(Old Class) yet she watched and learned, Soon attracting the attention of the Golden lions. perhaps not the best for a thief but it turned into a blessing quickly. Discarding the ways of the thief She became to learn the ways of martial prowess and magical might under the likes of Sir Igil. Lady Kayrana. And her eventual squire Gwynna, Which game at a great shock to the young urchin.

Being taught Courage and Honor on the battle field. The Art of the swordsmith away from the battlefield. Much to her excitement. The young girl thrived. With a slow shift away from her thieving ways she studied with the druids for a while. The manipulation of Shadow and earth appealed to her before finally following the ways of the barbarian.

Of all the many trainings and lessons, three great battles came to the Kingdom. Each time great rituals were worked to imbue the young now page. Once as a Giant spider, Once as a lizardfolk, and once as a centaur. Each an experience unto it self. The spider probably being the most drastic. Multiple eyes is no joke. Perhaps her favorite though as running fleet on four hooves. Yet Nothing was as awe inspiring as watching Sir Igil call down the great black Dragon from which Dragonspine drew its name. To defend against the Legions of the burning lands and their great Golems.

As with all things the world turns. The young girl felt Dragon spine, with a short stop in the Nine Willows in the Golden Planes, before Getting lost in the wilds. Learning obscure facts and disperate knowledge that would probably have little use in the great kingdoms of the world.

Some 20 years pass and the now renamed Melisa felt the need to venture back to civilization. Finding her self close to the Dutchy of Obsidian Grove, She shooses to venture forth from the wilds. Making new friends and Allies. Learning new skills. even taking time to Search the great libraries and collective knowledge of her Hold mentors. Taking time to mourn ones passing and questioning if she would ever see the other.

Yet now the future lies ahead. The unknown tempting and exciting.

Character: Malisa now finds her self exploring the path of the scout. A call back to her days as a your page. Taking elements from Barbarian , Thief, and Druid alike. having once chosen a name as a simply street urchin, It was easy to rename herself as an adult and what she now wished to be in life.

Yet it also gave her pause. Perhaps a house of the Wolf was in the future. For those who wander and may find them selves in new lands. Something to think about.

She often finds her self sitting quietly and listening. Watching and learning. enjoying the boisterous community around her. Yet on the battlefield those skill serve her and her new found passion for the Bow well.

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