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Baronet Lilianna Serras, from Dragon's Tale in the Rising Winds



Lilianna makes all kinds of garb, clothing, and an array of other such things made of cloth. There are probably a lot of things not made of cloth as well. You can normally find Lilianna at events with a shop set up with high-quality garb. She makes amazing cloaks!
She has thrice been the Regent of her park, a very good thing indeed.

Households and Companies

Notable Accomplishments

Baronet - Given by Lord Silverblood, 4/2010
Master - Given by Lady Jetamio, 9/2008
Lady - Given by Lord Aaross the Blind, 8/2006
Esquire - Given by Lord Rexfelis, 3/2006


GM of Garbers, 9/2012 - 3/2013
Chancellor of Dragon's Tale, 6/2012 - 11/2012
Champion of Dragon's Tale, 9/2010 - 3/2011
Baroness of Dragon's Tale, 3/2009 - 3/2010
Regent of The Dragon's Tale, 3/2008 - 3/2009
Regent of The Dragon's Tale, 3/2006 - 3/2007

Other Information

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