Laike Firestarre

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Esquire, Men at Arms Laike Firestarre of Rebels Hold, Winter's Edge

That didn't go as planned...


Before it all started I was an oridinary irishman with a new family, a new home, and like any irishman I loved to visit the pub. Well one night I was on me way home when I noticed a bright light in the direction of me lil farm on the outskirts of our small fishing town. I rushed home to find the house and barn ablaze. I could hear me wife screaming inside, trapped. It was already too late for her but I wasn't thinking and attempted to rush in and reach her. Before I got five feet in the flames got me left arm and seemed to unnatural wrap itself around it. I couldn't hear her anymore as I was pushed back outside.

I cried, I screamed, then I heard a small voice amongst the garden patch behind me, my wee lil toddler of a daughter, Savy, had made it out. Dirty and smoke stained she rushed over to me and we held onto each other for hours.

After dawn the next day she hardly spoke as we slowly walked back to the village. Not seeing anything in front of us, lost in our thoughts. It was then I remembered my arm and looked down, amazed there was no pain. But my arm was changed, not burnt but ingrained with the flames. How or why I pondered until we got to the village and saw the wreckage.

Passed away in January 2019.

Affiliated Groups

Prospect of Fighting co. Phoenix Guard

Founder of House Nightblood

Member of House Ghostwalkers

Member of House The Jedi Order

Belted Family

Sir Squire DaPage

Squire Dawn Starlight

Notable Accomplishments

RH Sheriff Jan'15 to Jul'15

RH PM Apr'14 to Oct'14

RH PM interim Feb'15 to Apr'15

RH PM Mar'16 to Aug'16

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