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Lord Lag "Squirrel Bane" Warbucks, Archer of Sunset Cliffs, Freehold

”It's time for a meeting”

”We don't negotiate with terrorists!”


"Me: I'm the last to go to sleep, first to get up, drink the most, & am the oldest...Does this make sense?? - Deimos: You're just a Party Marine"



Lag_Warbucks joined Siar Geata in 2007? 2008? after months of spying on them via their old Yahoo group forums. After being convinced to come out and see what they were about, he has been hooked ever since. Lag is very proud of his equipment, and is happy to loose his arrows at you, regardless of whether or not you have Pro-Pro.

Named "Lag" because he was at the time the prominent "leather armor guy" of Escondido Amtgard, having two sets of quality leather armor. He is in no way to be compared to "pag".

Lag is always looking for quality members of his household Cup and Coin.

Lag traveled to his first outside Escondido event, Darkshore '08, intent upon being a prominent presence at future events, equipped with mead, jerky, and a strong desire to help out in whatever way he can. He became interested in visiting other chapters and has visited Seven Sleeping Dragons several times to date, even though the distance is great!

In late 2009, Lag transfered to the newly-founded freehold, Sunset Cliffs, closer to his Mundane Residence.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Founded household (Cup and Coin).
  • Serving as Siar Geata's GM of Archers (july '08 to aug '09, 2 terms)
  • Scribe of Siar Geata. (August '08 - August '09, two terms )
  • BOD of Siar Geata ('09), Secretary.
  • Minister of Zombie Affairs (Thor's Refuge Spring 2009 reign under sheriff Torbjorn)
  • Patron Saint of Coffee

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Lag's Personal Heraldry (Work in progress)

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