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Krowe, of Lands End, Iron Mountains

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Krowe is an unknown quantity to Land's End. Recently arrived from parts unknown, when asked of his purpose he always replies, simply, "It's in my contract." Further investigation by the monarch has yielded some few details, though speculation runs rampant, as it seems to do with all mysterious figures.

It turns out that Krowe is rumoured to be an archer of some renown in his homeland...wherever that may be. He was hired by Ursan and Kyria, the parents of Buggus, the Dino Lord, to protect the young lord. Rumours of kidnapping and assassination attempts had reached his parents' ears, and they are not ones to take chances. After consulting with the monarch of the Shire, and several weeks of gruelling negotiations, it was determined that should the mercenary be willing to swear certain oaths of fealty, loyalty and good conduct, he would be allowed to continue his position under the auspices of the Land's End Shire, and the fighting house of Dawn Chaser, also recently inducted.

Oaths were sworn, coin changed hands, Krowe changed his address, and Land's End now enjoys the talents of a decently skilled archer on the Field of Honour.

His duties, as such, are simple. Insofar as his young charge is engaged in fair, honourable combat, Krowe will act as any other archer would. Thus, protecting his fellow combatants while at the same time harassing the enemy's. However, if the scent of danger to his young charge should pass his nostrils, either by way of a wolf-pack attempt on the field of honour, or a kidnap or assassination attempt off of it, said troublemakers can expect a "message" from Krowe's bowstring!

Though coin did in fact change hands, some speculate that Krowe has taken this assignment because he is 'growing soft'. Although nothing could be further from the truth, Krowe has admitted (if only to himself) that it may well be time to at least consider passing on his skill, knowledge and experience to someone...deserving. That someone may be the Dino Lord, it may not. Only time will tell.

Only one thing is certain. Krowe is And that can only be a boon to the Shire.

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