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Highest Title Belt line Kepi, of Silva Urbem, Northern Empire

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Shortest version of Kepi's life as we know it.

Kepi was born to a family of farmers from a distant land. He would have grown up to be a farmer, if war hadn't struck down on his homestead. This war destroyed his home, slayed his parents, and stole his sister from him. From this point on Kepi had a new goal in live, to find his sister at any cost. Over time many very bad things were done in trade for information on where his sister was last seen, gone or heard going. Some of these acts include insuring the death of one of Wolvanfang's Monarchs(Feb 2013), infiltrating Whitestone Valley (Oct 2013)and releasing a scourge (Apr 2014), aiding the scourge on taking over Whitestone Valley (Oct 2014). The evil acts would have continued if it weren't for a random action to occured while in the realm of BotD, when a simple act gained a life changing award. A great portal opened showing the underworld and allowed Kepi to pull someone from it back to the living. He saw his sister lost wandering the abyss, thus his choice was simple, He pulled her through and teleported her to a safe location. (Aug 2015) Kepi's life quest was over, now not knowing what to do he went into hiding pondering his life and what goals to follow since at this point all he knows is trickery, war and other evil acts. A new path lay out in front of Kepi as he exited his cave, and only time will tell where it bring him...

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