Keldric Lenarus

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Baronet Squire Keldric Lenarus, of Cresthaven

Keldric Lenarus
Home Park Cresthaven
Kingdom Neverwinter
Year Started 1995
Noble Title Lord,Baronet,Squire
Belt Status Squire to Darian Staruk


First played at Silverwater in 1995.
Founding members of Windstorm Woods in 1996, serving as all officer positions over the next 8 years.
After Windstorm Woods folded, joined the Shire of Dagger Cove.
In 2013, moved to Sunrise, FL and helped start the Shire of Ember Shoals.
Moved back to Boynton Beach in 2015 and joined the Barony of Cresthaven, where he still resides.

Affiliated Groups

The Seraphim fighting company
Seraphim Heraldry.jpg

The Blue Moose household

Former member of The Triads
Valknot 200.gif

Staruk Belted Family

I. Sir Darian Staruk



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