Kahn SoulReaver

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Baronet Kahn SoulReaver, of The River's End, Desert Winds.

”Black Dragoon Assassin”



Kahn is an adopted black dragoon who was adopted by white dragoons.

Because of the way Kahn was raised he doesn't let his instincts control him like most black dragoons.

Kahn used to have a family of his own but his brother Reap Reaver killed everyone in his family including his father, Kahn's wife Rose Anne Marie Reaver and his two kids Alexander and Iris.

His brother locked him up and made Kahn bathe in his loved ones blood.

Kahn is very cocky and likes to taunt his foes, he uses an axe that is named after his lover Rose, Roses Wrath he named it!

Kahn also has a blue Ice scar on his face from a battle with an Ice guardian. He has pure black skin and big black wings along with red eyes and long silver hair.

Black dragoons can see amazingly good in the dark and make the perfect night assassins! These problems resulted in chronic drug abuse and later was changed when he met his new friends Drako, Dractaros, Igor and Silver Wolf. The Dragoon Brotherhood!

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Member of The Dragoon Brotherhood


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