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A chapter of Principality in Kingdom, located in Maumee, Ohio


Iargail's heraldry, and the heraldry of it's men-and-women-at-arms is quarterly argent and sable, as seen in the picture below. Most of Iargail's tabards, shield coverings and banners make use of this heraldry for easy identification on the battlefield and at events. The addition of devices to the basic layout is reserved for officers.

Iargail's Heraldry
Iargail's Heraldry




Prime Minister / Monarch: Endymion (Endy, Peter) (415) 971-1264 [email protected]

Records / Regent: Ashlynd (Ash, Ashley) (419) 276-1287 [email protected]

You can contact either of these two people for information about joining Iargail, directions to our park, events and build nights.

Contacts and Directions

Endy / Peter (415) 971-1264 [email protected]

Ash / Ashley (419) 276-1287 [email protected]

We currently play Saturdays at 1 pm at Swan Creek Metropark in Toledo, OH. Our staging area is the hill to the left of the parking lot. Look for the tent or the people in garb and armor.