House of Mandalore

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The House of Mandalore is a household dedicated to the domination of the world of amtgard through dedicated research and development towards the improvement and advancement of weapons, armor, and teamwork.

Mission Statement

  • Arrange rides
  • Fund research
  • Share talents
  • Teach others
  • Host Crafters meetings
  • Push the bounds of amtgard tech through r&d
  • Host classes and workshops to help members with basic life skills
  • Outfit all members with discount armor,
  • Create a single massive shop as hq, possibly with a mobile shop/camping trailer for events/traveling
  • Focus on dedicated sense of familial unit to promote sense of belonging and improve physical and mental health and well-being of members.
  • Irongate HQ centralized location with meetups funded by group for gas.
  • Actively seek and recruit talent willing to not only learn but to teach others
  • Host fighter practices weekly.
  • Host training classes weekly.
  • Start GP University of excessively hard whacks. ( academy to teach others to teach noobs all the basics of amtgard)
  • Each Mandalorian should be a self sufficient fortress unto themselves, and are obliged to help those that aren't, reach that point.
  • Bring everyone to a basic level (3rd order of ?) So they can go out and teach others with a feeling of accomplishment.

The Resol'nare

(Code of Mand'alore)

  • Teach the new generation
  • Wear armor
  • Learn to fight
  • Assist our tribe,
  • Fight as a team
  • Rally to Mand'alore

All help us survive