House Yngling

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A Nordic themed, service household based out of RW.

The Nine Virtues Of House Yngling

Courage The bravery to do what is right at all times.

Therefore, follow the rules of Amtgard, don't shluff, cheese, or cheat, these things are dishonorable and frowned heavily upon. The only person who loses when you cheat is yourself, trust me others will hear of it and no likes a cheater.

With that said, don't call others shots or feel you need to correct other players on the field. If you have a problem with another player, take it up with the Reeve and/or that player off field.

Truth The willingness to be honest and say what one knows to be true and right.

Everyone has a bone to pick at sometime, and everyone dislikes someone else, that's the way of the world. Don’t be rumor monger, don’t be a gossip whore, and if you hear something that you think may not be true, go to the person and ask directly. It may be awkward and it may make you fell bad, but its better to have the whole truth than what others want you to believe is the truth.

Also, read the damn rule book and corpora, nothing makes you look dumber than spouting off stuff that isn’t accurate or true…trust me.

Honor The feeling of inner value and worth from which one knows that one is noble of being, and the desire to show respect for this quality when it is found in the world.

This kind of harps on the previous two; your personal honor is what you make of it, if your not going to uphold the highest personal honor for yourself no one is going to respect you; on the field or not. Don’t be an awards hound, don’t do things just to get credit, don’t be a belt chaser. If you just play the game, do your best, and give back you’ll find you’ll get credit where credit is due.

Fidelity The will to be loyal to one’s kin, and self.

This is more than just smack talking the shire your off to raid, this is a core of the Household. This is being there when you’re needed, doing what you say you will, and helping out without being asked. In the perfect world of Amtgard; first comes your Kingdom, then your Fighting Company/Household, then your-self.

Discipline The willingness to be hard on one-self first.

Along with not shluffing and not calling others shots, you should always be trying to put forth your best image on and off the field. If you feel that image needs some work, by all means work on it! Go to fighter practice, go to workshops, get help and set up an acceptable schedule. Then stick to it. No one ever got anywhere in this game without working at it, if you don’t believe me ask the respected members of your park.

Hospitality The willingness to share what one has with one’s fellows, especially when they are far from home.

This one has two parts, one in game and one out. We are always trying to promote Amtgard, and by showing hospitality to Mundanes they might want to come out and play. Answer questions and show respect to non-players.

Secondly, there will always be new players. Theses new players need to be helped out for the first six moths to year that they play. This is one of the cores of this household, to provide guidance and support to new players. Answer their questions, loan them equipment, help them with garb, etc…

Industriousness The willingness to work hard. You will never get good unless you try and practice, and there is always someone better out there. Go find them, ask them for guidance, have them show you their shots, their skills, their crafts. Once they have, practice, practice, practice…

Self-reliance The spirit of independence which is achieved not only for the individual but also for the house, order, and kin.

To be self-reliant one must be able to do something, don’t expect others to do it for you. Learn how to do things, be they A&S type things or fighting type things. Learn to make garb, learn to make weapon, and make your own stuff as much as possible.

Perseverance The spirit of stick-to-it that can always bring one back from defeat or failure. Failure is one way to learn, the difference between failure and defeat is if you give up or not. You will get better if you continue to try.

Everyone burns out eventually, it happens. Don’t let that burnout be your death knell. Talk to people, find a new angle on the game, invent something new to do. Don’t just give up and go home.


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