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Hokusia Mushrashi, of Kaembryge, Celestial Kingdom

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I was once a great assassin of 7guard till we were betrayed and hunted down like dogs. I took a exploration vessle searching for new lands to the east, a new life, how great that sounded, a bag full of gold and the question (what will I do) .I came finally to the land of kalleden were. I was captured and forced into the service of his majesty's wolf lord sir nexus of the blood wold clans army for the coming war against wrothgar the giant and his vast army of barbarians.

    Held in prisonment, one by one we were taken to a room were one second a mans scream was heard the next that of a beast, I didn't know what to exspect until I found out when inwas pushed intonation dark room with donabin bane iron wolf priest who grabbed my arm and using his what looked like claws sliced my arm. Pain and fire shot through my body as I screamed for help watching my skin tear apart and fur replace it,  my bones breaking and growing and my teeth being pushed out till the fell to the ground and replaced by, fangs. I was turning,  turning into a creature id only heard tales of,  a creature of legend and myth, I was a werewolf.
     Passed out from excruciating pain I awoke In a cage surrounded by others that went through the same horror, forced to staynthere until we gained control over our curse, a gift nexus had discovered. Once we had control,  we were taken to the armory were we were given swords and armor and told to join the ranks. We trained for months in battle skill which in was soon promoted to a captains chair for my experience with a blade and worked on the mastering on the magical arts of the healer. On the first day of snow we were gathered. Into the great hall and faced our master nexus who told us we depart for war within the hour.great roars of cheer went up at this news as that is what we trained for everyday and night,  o we craved for a chance to spill blood,dreamed of it even.  
    3 years the war, raged man vs beast,  the enemy with blades dipped in silver so that we could not rise from our wounds, friend fighting friends in there bloodlust and the blood oh the horrendous beautiful stench filling our nostals and painting our bodies, war,  were man can truly shownhis true self. Finally on the 1099th day nexus took the head of wrothgar and we purged the land of the barbarians down to the last man .the land once beautiful with green fields now dead and colored red with the fallen . 
   After the war I was promoted to wolf priest for service and skill in battle and charged with the protection of the northern front until nexus held a festival and tournament to which after he made me his champion which is were I met the royal guard,  the wuu shin clan and later after became squire to the great samurai sir katogen of the wuu shin.

after my services were up I left kalleden in search of adventure and came to the barony on keambryge were I found new skills and styles in the art of the sword and soon became a member of the house of wuu shin founded by noyoki. A member of the clan of wuu shin from my old home and became not only friend but minionfor the dark riders under sir nella gecko darkblade. I dare not tell anyone of my curse for fear I will be hunted or worse used for science. This land so different from my old one, so full of mystery and adventure just waiting to be unraveled and unraveled it will be.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the house of wuu shin

minion under sir nella gecko darkblade of the dark riders

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Baron KBCK, May 2013 - October 2013

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