Goblin Ball

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Best played ditch battle style. This game requires a field that is relatively small sized for the players involved. For a game with 15 players per side, a field that is 20'-40' works well. It also requires a ball. Generally this ball shouldn't be round or regular shaped at all. Barbarian 'Rocks' often work and a rubber kick-ball with lots of foam protrusions taped on works well also. The object is to get the ball over the out of bounds line behind the other team. The ball is deadly. It kills players when it hits them. Deaths whether from the ball or from weapons last 10 seconds or 15 depending on the size of the field and dead players need to exit the field count, count their time and then go back in from their goal line. The only way to move the ball is using your equipment. Usually carrying the ball on a shield, Madu or even a weapon with a large grip is disallowed. From those basics the game can be expanded. Most often, when played ditch style the player who scores changing teams.