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GLAMI (Gold, Land, and Magic Items)


The GLAMI Roleplay system is a fork of Amtrisk. GLAMI is believed to have originated at Granite Spyre of the Wetlands.

"At Granite Spyre, we did a game similar to this (a slight offshoot of Amtrisk,) which the author dubbed GLAMI (Gold, Land, and Magic Items). It went...OK. We had a lot of successes and a few failures, and eventually the game sort of fizzled out. I think a lot of those were game-design related and that we had no real "conflict" or much "plot" other than land acquisition." -Alizerin [1]Reddit

Rules of Play

GLAMI revolves first around a map. Each park generally creates its own map with hexes. Each group (households, companies, beltlines, or whatever the park decides to use) is given a set number of lands to begin with. Each battle field win grants an additional square of land. Each week, gold is calculated at a rate of 1g per hex of land owned by the group.

In addition to this gold accumulation, additional investments such as docks, temples, arcane towers, mills, theaters, and other such improvements may be purchased. Many of these grant additional gold. Others allow the purchasing of class enchantments at a gold cost to be determined by the autocrat of the GLAMI system at the local park (typically park monarch or PM) as either trinkets (one time use) or talismans (Permanent).

Land features such as bridges, waterways, roads, mountains, forests, ruins (remains of old parks), and fortresses determine what additional investments may be purchased. They are also used within the battlegames. Eventually, this system allows for PvP. If one person attacks the land of another, the group/person being attacked gets a chance to defend themselves in a specific battle game where each side is allowed to have allies.