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A battlegame based on ultimate frisbee, invented by Lilly Sunshine.

The game is best played inside of an enclosed space such as a hockey rink that has been left up during summer.

The point of the game is for one team to touch their goal with the frisbee while passing it across the field between teammates.


Divide the players into two even teams.
Each player is only allowed single short sword.
Players may not run with the frisbee.
Players are allowed one step to "finish" catching the frisbee.
Players may not "throw" to themselves by throwing the frisbee along the ground.

Starting the game

The game starts with each member of each team physically touching their goal. Players may not "link" themselves together in order to touch the goal, each player must personally be touching the goal. One team "kicks off" to the other, which involves throwing the frisbee at least half the field towards to other teams goal. At the point where the frisbee crosses the halfway point the players may being moving freely on the field.


A point is scored when a player from one team touches their goal with the frisbee.