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A frankensword is a term for a sword that has tipped out several times, and been repaired by partially replacing the foam. These weapons are usually made with funnoodle.


A single repair that replaces some portion of the blade is not enough to create a Frankensword, nor are repeated repairs that remove all of the previous replacement foam. A Frankensword must be comprised of at least 3 different noodles, preferably in different colors and/or diameters.

Alternatively, if the foam used for the repair was harvested from another sword, a single repair is sufficient to qualify. It especially qualifies if the "donor" weapon was excavated from a weapon graveyard (the back of an Amtgardian's garage).

The most extreme example to date was a sword comprised of 4 different foams, with no adjacent foams sharing the same color. Said sword also used a mixture of clear packing tape and "strapping" tape (packing tape with fiberglass filaments running its length for strength).