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Fate, of Serpent's Hollow of the Rising Winds

”Pick a card!”



Fate as his name now stands was born to a mother sentenced to death and an unkown father. Raised as an orphan he realized that the world was not always to kind to those who try their hardest. By the age of seven he had escaped the orphanage to try a life on his own.

In less than a year his slight of hand many scams earned him the title of Fate. As all who met him soon knew the fate of their wallets. He joined a gang of rascals calling themselves the shadows and soon found himself doing much more than petty theft to earn his living.

He killed his first man at the age of ten when a heist went bad.After the first he found he had a rather unhealthy taste for the crime. By age 16 the shadows had become the fates and the sweet town of Briar was all but his.

Eventually the wealth of the kingdom ran low. The monarchy had all but crumbled,leaving scarse pickings for even the craftiest of rogue. With his now guild in utter revolt of the circumstances Fate decided to do the only logical thing, Run away. He now roams the lands searching for a bit of coin, a good fight, andcold drink.

Affiliated Groups

Ex-Member of The Assimilation

Current Member of The Guild of Avarice

Belted Family

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