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Lord Ellscry, of Iron Keep in the Black Spire

”Some lessons you never forget. Just hand me a dagger and ask me about the Jabberwocky. Or better yet, don't.”



Ellscry started attending Amtgard, at Iron Keep, in 1995 at the age of 14. During this time Iron Keep was located at Alton Baker and sometimes had as many as 180 people. Ellscry first began as an Archer, developing his skills with a bow, and earned his Masterhood in 2000. As an Archer he was most often known for his ability to nock, draw, and fire a bow, all with only one arm and his teeth. Early in his Amtgard life Ellscry was a member of many fighting companies and houses, which either fell apart or disbanded (with one notable exception), including but not limited to: Harbingers of Chaos, Blackguard, Templars, and others.

After many failed companies, including his own, Ellscry joined a small group started by one of his friends, the then title-less Enoch. This group consisted of only 5 friends at first, and has since grown into the fighting company Eclipse. Iron Keep pride, and Eclipse pride run strongly for Ellscry.

Highly interested in all types of medieval armors and weapons, Ellscry quickly took to the Arts and Sciences in Amtgard. He has made several suits of armor, in some form or another, and earned his Master Owl in 2001.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Archer - Given by Sir Gaelin of Devinshire, July 2000
  • Master Rose - Given by Alene DK, April 2000
  • Master Owl - Given by Queen Aristiri, June 2001

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