Egare Thondarsson

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"Egare Thondarsson"
"Memento Vivere"
Chapter Wolf's Run
Kingdom Winter's Edge
Started 2018
Noble Title Lord
Belted Status None

(Lord) Egare Thondarsson, of Wolf's Run, Winter's Edge

”Unlike other Dwarves, *I* have a real accent!”

Trading card style image of Egare Thondarsson
Egare's trading card, by Tali Chesh


Egare started playing in February 2018, joining Dragon's Hollow just as it became a Duchy. Currently his focus is Arts and Sciences, although he spends as much time on the field as possible.

He is generally found in the company of Tali Chesh, or in his workshop swearing at inanimate objects.

When life took him South, he helped found the Freehold of Wolf's Run and served as it's first regent. He also fixed his gaze firmly on life as a scout, preferring to leave the other class stuff to other members of the Box of Eggs.

Character History

Egare, son of Thondar, claims he can trace his lineage back to the famed Dwarf stronghold of Karak Ungor, now known as Red Eye Mountain after it fell to thr Night Goblins during the Time of Woe, but to recite the list of his ancestors for the last 15 centuries would be meaningless to those outside the Clans. His family sigil, a stylized double headed axe formed from the runes Ehwaz and Tyr atop four red mountains, ties back to the pickaxe symbol of Karak Ungor and that he is Thondar's fourth son. More recently his personal heraldry has adapted to have only three mountains but this has never been explained as yet.

Egare is fluent in Khazalid, however he rarely speaks it around non-dwarves unless he's cursing.

On the field he usually wears his green armor and is renowned for his throwing hammers. He also dabbles with a bow, which he views as a vastly underpowered version of his beloved ballista, Ophiomachus. Occasionally he rides a chocobo but that may have been a fever dream.

Affiliated Groups

  • The Hounds of Ulstier
  • Phoenix Rising Project

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

  • Wolf's Run PM (2022)
  • Wolf's Run Regent (2021-2022)
  • Dragon's Hollow Chancellor (2020-2021)
  • Dragon's Hollow Regent (Winter 2018-19)
  • Feastcrat (Winter's Edge Spring Coronation, 2019)
  • Lord title given by Clover, Just Clover at Dragons Hollow, July 2021
  • Paragon Scout given by Greymane Brightflame at Winter's Edge Midreign, August 2023
  • Feastcrat (Winter's Edge Fall Coronation, 2023)

More Information

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