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Electric Samurai, sometimes referred to as E-Sam, is a forum-focused website ran by a prominent player of Amtgard for discussing various aspects of the game and general socialization with other players.

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Electric Samurai

Amtgard website dedicated to news about Amtgard, articles, and especially forum discussions; one of the best places to get the opinions or vitriol of the entire, narrowly represented, Amtgard community. The debates on the forums are often volatile, with many people presenting a far more extreme position online than they do in person. The abuse handed out by the veterans of the forums is sometimes referred to as "E-Sam Luv". Player normally use their persona names as handles on E-Sam but their is sometimes a bit of variation. Look here for a listing of E-Sam Handles and who they belong to.

Created and run by Sir Randall Andalsa of Dragonspine.


I could pretty much predict that was the reaction you'd get.

Run. Now.

Because if you weren't aware, over 50% of e-sam don't actually play amtgard, oh, they did at one time until they destroyed their own parks, and now like the zombie scavengers of destroyed civilizations they lurk in the ruins searching for new ones to destroy.

Too late..." -Roger

Randall Says: An unmoderated forum only works when users make it work.

E-Sam Fakers

The forums on Electric Samurai are also home to many fake personas, all of which are controlled by Glen who has far too much time on his hands.

'Randall Says': My tolerance for these second accounts is diminishing at a rate inversely proportional to how much useless content they generate. It is especially wearisome considering how much useless content is already generated by your primary accounts. A little self-moderation, please?

People of E-Sam


Electric Samurai