Duncan McRory

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MaA Duncan McRory "Moen", of Dwarven Summit Rising Winds Freehold

”Sabaid A Chum Bàs”



Duncan Mcrory hails from northern Scottland during the time that the vikings settled the land of norhtern Scottland. while there he and his friends banded together under one flag and name they were called The Celts. Throught internal conflict they disbaned. He became bored of the farm life and seeked adventure much like his ancestor vikings. He set sail down the atlantic coast raiding many lands and taking what he found. On his voyage, he and his brother Dark discovered the might of the dragons, they then worshiped that might and began The Cult of the Dragon. When he hit the mediterranean sea a great storm sweeped him of his ship. He washed up on the shore of northern Africa where a saracen found him. Quivy found his skill with a a sword worthy of there band of warriors. At a great gathering of people around the kingdom a Knight by the name Warbird came to him and asked him to fight by his side as his Man-at-Arms and join his family. After some time with them, he traveled north of his home land Obsidian Hills to clame land for himself, he named his land Dwarven Summit. Some time had pasted when he saw a strange metal object in the sky. It landed before him and a door opened. out steped a man by the name of Moo. His Sword wasn't like most it glow and was made of pure light. Duncan was amazed in this and he wanted to know there power. Moo found him worthy to become part of his society. This society was called the Jedi Order.

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Belted Family

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Founding member of Dwarven Summit

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