Drogo Von Rhudy

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Drogo Von Rhudy, of Stormwatch, formerly of Gryphons Haven of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains

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”Hey you guys!”


Drogo was an original founding member of the Barony of Gryphons Haven. During his time their he held the position of Baron, Prime Minister, and Champion. Drogo was one of the better fighters of Gryphons Haven. Drogo stayed around Pampa for a few years after Gryphons Haven disbanded but eventually moved to Tennessee. He was absent from the game for many years but eventually found his way back to Pampa. When he returned Arklon Harkoneen asked if he would like to take up the sword again and join his former Gryphons Haven comrades in battle under a new park called Stormwatch. Drogo has been instrumental in helping Stormwatch grow and now currently holds the position of Sheriff.

Affiliated Groups

Little Known Facts

He was surprisingly fast and agile for a man of his size.

He was a fan of, and well known for making extremely large two handed swords.

He was a very good leather worker.