Dragon Claw

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a freehold chapter, located in Montrose, CO.


Dragon claw.jpg


This chapter appears to have once been known as the Flaming Purple Mountains. Founded in 2007 or 2008. Chapter is currently applying for inclusion in the Iron Mountains.


  • Sherrif Syba Bloodpaw
  • Lord Loki Druass
  • Angel Blackthorn Esquire
  • Cordova Wolf
  • Tweak
  • Rage
  • Neverrick
  • Killson
  • Shadow Drakonas
  • Princess Cheesy
  • Holy Terror
  • Princess
  • Marcial
  • Logan Wolff
  • Magnus
  • Adamiss
  • Verana
  • Meko

Contacts and Directions

Lord Loki Druass Current PM Email [email protected]

We meet at the beautiful River Bottom Park on Sunday's at noon until dark for battle games. We also meet at River Bottom Park on Saturdays (times to be announced) for fighter practice.