Domus Noctis

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Domus Noctis

”Cinis Cinerem”

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Domus Noctis is a household dedicated to roleplay, the arts and sciences, and service to the game of Amtgard. The Household is Vampire-themed and each member has their own character and backstory. There are no "ranks" within the household, only "roles" based on the player's character.

House Roles:
Count/Countess - Head(s) of the household. Handles administrative duties.
Vampire - A full blooded vampire.
Dhampir - A half human/half vampire hybrid assigned as a guardian to a vampire.
Familiar - A human who has allied themselves with a vampire in the hopes of becoming a vampire themselves or simply out of companionship.

House Terminology:
Moroi - A born vampire (born from the union of 2 vampire parents). Born with the innate ability to control one of the five elements. Moroi are typically benevolent vampires. While Moroi have the regenerative abilities of a vampire they are not ageless and are susceptible to illness/disease.
Strigoi - A turned vampire (a human who was turned into a vampire). These vampires are considered "undead" and are turned by drinking the blood of another vampire (usually offered willingly with the intent to turn the victim). These vampires are ageless and immune to illness/disease.

Current Count and Countess:

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