Dane Pisces

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Dane Pisces, of The Shire of Centerpoint Rivermoor

”Beware, he knows Kung Fu too”

Photograph - Avoided at all Costs


Pisces comes from Texas. Funny story actually, he left many years ago after spending some time fighting in the Wetlands at Rogue's Haven. He is an accomplished Martial Artist who is easily one of the best fighters in Centerpoint. Although too humble to admit it, he is directly responsible for introducing Amtgard to Kansas City. The full story is on the Centerpoint page. He is also one of the most approachable and jovial players around, almost too willing to help newbies with their fighting.

Currently Inactive while pursuing mastery of Wing Chun Fut Kung Fu.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Almost... *sigh of regret*

Notable Accomplishments

Introducing Amtgard to Kansas City.

More Information

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