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To be added to a subsection, How to join up, by kingdom.

-Goldenvale - Subgroup signs and sends in a Terms and Conditions document outlining basic requirements of records and so forth, with a signature from the BOD showing that it was received and accepted (no notary, simply a letter of intent)

-Crystal Groves - Same as GV

-Black Spire - A basic outline of what is to be expected of a subgroup, signed by group and kingdom officers, two witnesses, and considered a mutual agreement (no notary)

-Emerald Hills - Subgroup sends a petition to join, and approval is made by majority vote of the EHBOD

-Iron Mountains - Subgroup must submit an 8 page packet with records of players, Althing results of the group voting to petition the IM, etc.

-Dragonspine - A basic agreement outlining most common rules and expectations of the subgroup, signed by the DSBOD, Monarch, and Subgroup monarchy (no notary)

-Celestial Kingdom - Monarch and Prime Minister joint agreement, recognized by an official Writ of Province during a Kingdom court proceeding.

-Wetlands - Monarch and Prime Minister must approve sponsorship, with an Althing vote to follow and make it official

-Rising Winds - Approval by the Circle of Monarchs of all existing subgroups, after verification by the BOD that the group in question meets any necessary requirements.

-Golden Plains - Acceptance by either Monarch, Regent and Prime Minister

  • or* by Kingdom Althing

-Desert Winds - Could not find any documents online

This information gathered by Sir Nocturne. --Linden 15:42, 14 May 2010 (UTC)