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Collegium of Leadership, Arts, Science & Service


Lions and Dragons and Owls.... Oh My! - A brand-new Interkingdom Event

What should you expect

This new, Interkingdom Collegium-style event will focus on providing instruction in the Arts & Sciences, Leadership skills needed to serve as an officer of groups from shire level on up to kingdom as well as the hosting and running of successful events at all levels from Shire on up to large Interkingdom events.

Our instructors, for the most part, will be individuals who hold Knighthoods or Masterhoods in their areas of expertise and are willing to pass their knowledge on to others. So, come learn some new skills or hone the ones you already have in order to move to that elusive "next level" of achievment!



Shoal Creek Camp
571 Youth Camp Rd
New Blaine, AR 72851
Phone: (479) 938-2270

This is a beautiful site complete with feast hall, bunkhouses with electricity, and shower facilities.


Postponed until further notice

Instructors and Classes

A partial list of confirmed Instructors and classes:

  • Sir Crom Ironwolf - How to Run a Successful Feast
  • Sir Corwinthalanos Jaelin (Shefanhow) - Basic Leatherworking/Making Leather Armor
  • Sir Qintahr Woodhelven - Creative Writing/Quest Writing/Improv Acting
  • Sir Gavvin Quinn - Basic Heraldry
  • Don Duncan Hepburn - The Art of Coin Making/Minting
  • Instructor TBA - Making Safe and Effective Arrows

If there is a specific class or Instructor that you would like to see at this event, please contact the Instructor Coordinator at [email protected]


As this will be the first time this event has been run, history is still under construction.