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Brenn of Felfrost, Nine Blades


"The best strategy is to have a friend behind them."

"A sword? Why would I want one of those?"


Brenn began playing in the March of 2013. He joined the The White Fang Protectorate in August 2014. In September 2015, he moved from his home park of Felfrost to Lichwood Grove.

Affiliated groups


  • Non noble - Mason, awarded for construction of winter obstacles, winter of 2014.
  • Non noble - The Strawberry Blond Fuck, awarded by Duke Zwerver for heckling the then king of Goldenvale over the secession of Nine Blades (then the Northern Empire).
  • Non noble - The Corpse, awarded for being dead.
  • Non noble - Cressman Killer, awarded for being the first to hunt down and kill Grognak (his father, Jonathan Cressman), after the challenge was issued. Grognak is a fast runner who typically runs in, attacks, and runs away before anyone can retaliate.
  • Non noble - Child of the Nine Blades, awarded to all members of the Nine Blades by the Matriarch, Promethea.