Blackhawk Keep

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A defunct chapter once located in Pearland, Texas.


Formed 1995. "Some burned brightly and moved across the landscape forgetting from whence they came. That is the story of Blackhawk Keep, but again, that is another story." -Nomad Fishslayer

Formed when the citizens of Spidervale split over a heated disagreement. The park was unfortunately short lived due to drawing the ire of the Harris County Parks Comissioner. Although they didn't know it at the time, their chosen park was his pet project, even going so far as to name the park after himself. When he arrived with Harris County Sheriffs Deputies to expel "those snotty kids with sticks ruining his park" even the park's mundane visitors protested over his vindictive tactics. This eventual led to a ban of Amtgard in all Harris County parks, Granite Spire only survived his purge due to the fact that they played in a City of Houston park.

This Purge also forced Spidervale to move as well, setting them up for the eventual re-absorption by Stormwall.

Once met Sundays at noon in Pearland Texas at El Franco Lee Park.