Artus Pass

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A Defunct chapter of the Emerald Hills, located in Dallas, TX.




Artus Pass used to meet at Norbuck Park in Dallas, TX on Sundays at 2pm.

Our focus and drive was to get the new players educated and motivated on wearing functional garb that's appealing to look at from a distance. Doesn't have to be court quality, but we want to attract onlookers whose interest's include the Art's and Sciences besides the great fighting aspects Amtgard has to offer. And it helps in setting the realm of fantasy we enjoy immersing ourselves in.

In September 2010 we were featured in one of our local publications

Artus Pass was declared defunct on June 9th, 2012.


  • Sutra
  • Aria
  • Mertag
  • Axident
  • Chromium
  • Sebaki
  • Nicodemus
  • Mysteri
  • Fate


Left to Right: Shadowhawk, Frido, Thorgar Dragonwulf, Eniad Norreh, Grunk da Drunk!, Sutra Bahuas

IMG 00931.jpg

Front to Back, Left to Right:

Gabriella, Isis, Jasmine, Nicodemus, Jonos, Spartinus

Lusynda, Elder (Midnight Sun), Neccro, Axident, David

Piquito Juan, Eniad, Mertag, Chromium, Fenris (Kings Point), Sebaki

Sir Wolverine (Emerald Hills)

Kahzee (head bobbing in the background :))

Contacts and Directions

The park is at the South-East intersection of E.Northwest Highway and N. Bucker Road at Norbuck Park, on the baseball field side. It is the open space sandwiched between the E. Lawther Dr. and Buckner streets.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="32.858271" lon="-96.716975" type="map" zoom="8">32.858064, -96.717556</googlemap>

  1. Take the 1st left off of lawther Dr after exiting loop 12 at N. Buckner Blvd
  2. Go through the stop sign into the parking lot
  3. Look for us on the west side of the parking lot.


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