Artemis Widowmaker

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Artemis Widowmaker, First of his name.

”The only person better than me is Mandark Grey, and that's because he's got connections”


A mundane man had taken up the call of the proud and was serving his country upon the seas in a great ship. It was here he was introduced to the way of the sword. There were many great events in the life of Artemis, but text is not sufficient to relate these tales. You hear me speak of this majesty and I'm sure doubt the veracity of His greatness, however, to prove my point you should note Sir Haggis Hoestroker. This man ascended to be not just a Warlord, but a Sword Knight of Amtgard. Haggis, however, is just the leavings of the spirit of Artemis Widowmaker after the gardens of turbulence which Artemis Widowmaker sows became too great for even himself.